Spoil me Swedish

Your go-to massage for relaxation and stress relief. Swedish massage aims to ease sore muscles and muscular tension associated with everyday life while tapping into the Parasympathetic System.                 So, go on and Be Good to Yourself!

Deep Tissue

Chronic muscle pain and tension? This massage targets the deeper layers of muscles, tendons, joints and fascia. It is similar to Swedish massage but the deeper application of pressure helps to alleviate areas of tension that have become chronic. Don’t believe the myth that in order to relieve chronic muscle tension you must bear up under a painful deep tissue massage for the greater good while the therapist “digs out your knots” . This modality can be applied effectively and comfortably while creating that calm relaxed feeling your body needs.

Neuromuscular Therapy
aka – Trigger point therapy

Trigger points are areas of hypersensitivity within a muscle that cause pain in other areas of the body. This therapy aims to alleviate the source of pain through precise pressure and release to the affected area. You and your therapist will actively communicate to assist in the accuracy of each trigger point and your level of comfort.

This type of therapy can be effective in decreasing pain, increasing circulation and range of motion in as little as one treatment. Because trigger points are hypersensitive and the therapy itself can have moments of intensity, your therapist will also apply soothing Swedish strokes to relax the body and mind. 

Back Buster

Would love a full body massage, but just don’t  have the time?  This treatment cuts right to the chase and gets it all done in 30 minutes! Although the focus of this massage will be upper, mid, and lower back, your therapist will customize your session according to your needs by using a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Neuromuscular therapy techniques

Prenatal Massage

Becoming a mother is the most selfless job on the planet! So, before that little energy sapping bundle of joy arrives, enjoy all the pampering you can get! Pregnancy is a beautiful and miraculous gift, but it can create stress on the body. From the additional weight on the joints to the hormonal shifts that can cause feelings of anxiety, your body is going through major changes. Prenatal massage uses Swedish strokes to release muscle tension associated with pregnancy and relaxation techniques to calm the mind and spirit. If you are considered to be in a high risk category please consult your midwife or physician before booking.

Heavenly Head, Neck and Shoulders

As women, we can sometimes carry the weight of the world on our shoulders and after awhile those shoulder muscles need help! This massage will focus on the muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. Beginning with a soothing scalp and face massage that will settle the mind and relax the body, we then move on to the neck where so much of our tension is carried from life’s many demands.  Next, the shoulders will receive the care they need by focusing on the muscles of the rotator cuff along with the surrounding muscles, tendons and joints. This massage can also target relief for those who suffer from TMJ.

Lower Body Focus

We rely on our lower body to carry us from Point A to Point B all the way to Point Z all day long. It’s time we gave it the attention it deserves for all of it’s hard work! Lower Body Focus will give special attention to the lower back, hips, glutes, calves and feet. So many of our lower body muscles are associated with our everyday lives – Wear high heels? Those calves and your Achilles tendon need some love! Gym fiend? Those hamstrings and glutes are screaming for attention! Spend much of the day sitting at a desk? Your lower back will love you for appreciating how it supports you day after day! On your feet in a service job all day? Those puppies are dog tired! This massage is also helpful for those suffering from plantar fasciitis and shin splits. 



60 min$75$105
75 min$90$130
90 min$110$155
30 min$40$55


Your Stay Awhile Massage membership entitles you to one 60 minute service of your choice per month AND UNLIMITED services at membership prices. If you miss your service one month, it will rollover up to three months or you can share it with a friend! You may cancel 6 months post your start date with 30 days’ notice.   Any additional 60 minute services within the same month will be $60.00. 

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Danielle Vignone

Danielle established Stay Awhile Massage to extend her knowledge and love of the amazing human body.  As a teenager, she began teaching aerobics classes at an all women’s fitness center in Middletown, NY.  She soon fell in love with the effects of 
exercise on the body from being able to shape and strengthen muscles to the elevation of  mood through movement and stretching. 
    Danielle has been a competitive gymnastics coach for the last 22 years and has also worked as a birth doula for the past 13 years – two very hands on professions. As she  has always felt called to working with the body in one way or another, she decided to increase her knowledge of the body’s systems, muscles, tendons and ligaments and how they all work together to keep us up and running.  She completed her training at Finger Lakes School of Massage in Mount Kisco, NY and is proud to add Massage Therapist to her repertoire.  Danielle is a married mother of 4 children and resides right here in White Plains.

“Your body and mind work so hard for you everyday. Just as you make time to service your car so that it will run effectively, take time to give your body the care it needs to keep you running effectively!” 


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